4 Tips for Improving Concentration in the Classroom

Are you eager to improve your grades? If so, you need to develop your concentration to acquire the study skills to succeed in the classroom. Your concentration gives you power. Whatever you focus on expands quickly, meaning that as you learn to concentrate on your course lectures, you will soak up this information with greater ease.

Never buy into the practice of studying and watching TV, or multi-tasking in the classroom. This strategy diminishes your power and adds time to your study sessions. Focus on doing one thing at a time and you will do that one thing exceedingly well.


Meditation helps you to improve your concentration skills quickly. By sitting and observing, you can learn quickly how fast to shift your attention. Make no mistake about it; you are deciding to focus your attention to these objects in your awareness. As you meditate persistently, you become more adept at shifting your attention to ideas that serve you or activities which benefit you. By doing this, you can more easily concentrate on your studies in the classroom.

Reducing Internal Distractions

Sitting in class and listening to a lecture can be difficult, even if you are interested in the material; if you are not, well, we know how that goes. There are lots of ‘’internal’’ things that can distract you from paying attention. If you are hungry, all you will think about is how you cannot wait to eat—plus, your brain will not be functioning optimally, making it difficult to concentrate. Make sure you come to class well-nourished; do not load up on sugary foods that will make you crash halfway through the class.

If you find yourself getting distracted by daydreaming or thinking of other things you need to do, write down anything you need to revisit later. This way, you will feel satisfied that you will remember about whatever it is later and you will be able to focus better on what is going on in your class.

Study Successful Students

Successful students can provide you with the proper framework to set up your day. Observe who these individuals choose to surround themselves with and watch how they design their day. Students who get good grades set a wonderful example for you. Follow them around for a bit and ask questions. Put your ego aside, if you plan to excel in the classroom.

Successes usually pay attention to things that failures ignore. Take notes and you, too, can become a successful student.

Get the Proper Amount of Sleep

Getting seven to eight hours of sleep each night can improve your focus and performance in the classroom. Sleep soundly to approach your work with a renewed sense of urgency and to attack your studies on a daily basis. Avoid late night cram sessions which eat into your valuable sleep time. These marathon study sessions fatigue you and this can carry over into your school day.

Force negates, meaning that as you work harder to succeed in the classroom, you will see diminishing returns. Focus instead comes from a place of power, meaning, to rest up, remain refreshed, and always throw in the towel when you are mentally and physically fatigued.

Use these tips to improve your concentration in the classroom today.

Kelli Cooper is a freelance writer who enjoys sharing tips on how people can be more successful in school;  if you are interested in learning more about distance learning programs, follow the links for more information on a variety of degrees, such as the masters in psychology.

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